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and more dragons

Charlie Weasley
12 December
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Desired Character: Charles Amadeus Weasley

DC's Age: 5

DC's Current Occupation and Residence [If Not Hogwarts]: Bein' the middle child there at the Burrow

DC's Appearance: Shorter than his brother, but with the same Weasley red hair and freckles.

DC's Personality: Charlie's a tough little kid. Things like the dark and the bogeyman don't scare him (much) and dragons are the coolest thing ever. He wants to be one when he grows up. He looks up to his big brother and tolerates his little one...most of the time. He has an undeniable penchant for mischief.

DC's Background and History: Charlie was born in December of 1972, approximately two years after Bill. When he was three, he got a little brother named Percy. He's busy learning to read and write and trying to stay out of trouble at the same time.
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